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Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (DANA)

The DANA is carried out to obtain a more detailed and accurate evaluation of the damage caused to each sector and the economic cost of that damage. Typically, this is carried out during the period following the first 48 hours after the disaster has occurred and can last several weeks. These assessments are carried out by persons with detailed technical knowledge of each of the specific sectors (eg. engineers, architects, economists, agricultural extension officers, health sector professionals, etc.).

The information collected in the Detailed Sector Assessment is used to determine the:

  • Overall economic impact of the disaster.
  • Recovery and rehabilitation needs of each sector.
  • Types of long-term assistance required.
  • Types of action required to minimize damage from future events.

Due to the complexity of this assessment, the Disaster Management Units – Municipal Corporations is the only data source used by the ODPM.

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