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Initial Damage Assessment (IDA)

The Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) is carried out to obtain an initial evaluation of the damage to each sector. It is typically carried out within the first 48 hours after the disaster has occurred and involves a number of trained assessors making observations of the extent of damage to each item or structure. The extent of damage is classified and recorded according to pre-defined criteria.

The information from the Initial Damage Assessment can be used by authorities at the local, district or national level for a number of purposes, including:

  • Determining the extent of damage.
  • Determining the priority needs as a result of the impact.
  • Determining what types of immediate and short-term assistance need to be provided.
  • Preparing a preliminary estimate of the cost of the impact.

An IDA is provided to the ODPM via the following sources:

  • Disaster Management Units – Municipal Corporations
  • Amateur Radio Operators
  • Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force

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