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The purpose of the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) is to provide centralized coordination, control and decision making of emergency response and relief operations on a 24 hour basis if necessary within Trinidad and Tobago.
The Chief Executive Officer CEO of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) will direct the operations of the ODPM through the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC).  The CEO of the ODPM will manage the NEOC, by ensuring that all policy decisions are properly executed. When, in the judgment of the CEO, an incident occurring is of such gravity and magnitude, as to require centralized coordination and control of responders and relief operations, he will activate the NEOC and will request that representatives from appropriate Emergency Support Function (ESF) agencies report to the NEOC to coordinate the incident operations of their respective functions under his direction.

The primary NEOC is located at the ODPM, 4a Orange Grove Road Tacarigua Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. In the event that the NEOC is compromised and have to be relocated, the secondary site is the Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago (SAUTT) facility, Riverside Plaza Port of Spain.
This location protects against all natural and manmade disasters. It is a self contained, self sufficient facility that can operate independently for a reasonable amount of time with its own electrical generator. An independent water supply and sewerage disposal system, and adequate ventilation, security and portability is also included. 


NEOC Activation
The NEOC functions on the following Phase Levels:

  • White        -         Normal activity
  • Green       -         Level 1; Monitoring (Internal ODPM and necessary ESF’s)
  • Orange     -         Level 2; Partial Activation (ODPM advises respective agencies)
  • Red           -         Level 3; Full activation

a)   White Phase – Normal Operations
During the White phase the OPDM will function at its normal day to day operational level performing the following but not limited functions:

  • Prepare for an imminent event or manage an on-going incident to ensure a coordinated national response.
  • Ensure appropriate ODPM staff, ESF Agencies, other organizations are brought to a state of readiness.
  • Provide an efficient means of managing and disseminating emergency information and implementing operational decisions.

b)   Green Phase - Level 1; Monitoring
Level 1 activation of the NEOC is a monitoring phase initiated by ODPM.  Notification will be made by the Operation Section Chief to those Ministries, ESF agencies who would need to take action as part of their everyday responsibilities. The National Emergency Operation Center will be staffed with ODPM and other staff from selected Ministries, and ESF agencies.  A Level 1 may require enhanced coordination between the ODPM Duty Watch Officer, appropriate Ministries and ESF agencies, and the impacted Municipal Corporation.
Purpose of Level 1 Activation

  • To prepare for an imminent event or manage an on going incident to ensure a coordinated national response.
  • To ensure appropriate ODPM staff, appropriate Government Ministries, other organizations, and Ministries as appropriate, are brought to a state of readiness.
  • To provide an efficient means of managing and disseminating emergency information and implementing operational decisions.

c)   Orange Phase - Level 2; Partial Activation
A Level 2 activation of the NEOC is initiated by the NEOC Director, after consultation with CEO.  A Level 2 is initiated when national government support for Municipal Corporation response operations exceeds the day to day responsibilities of the Municipal Corporation or when assistance from Government Ministries through resource or technical support carries on for extended periods.  All primary ESF agencies are notified when the NEOC activates to a Level 2 and those ESF agencies involved in response operations are directed to staff the NEOC during operational hours. 
Purpose of Level 2 Activation

  • To provide enhanced coordination during an on going incident.
  • To ensure that appropriate agencies are prepared to respond should events escalate.
  • To efficiently manage information flow between responders on scene, national, Municipal Corporation, the media and the public.

d)   Red Phase - Level 3; Full Activation
A Level 3 activation of the NEOC is initiated by the CEO of ODPM and involves representation in the NEOC by ALL ESF agencies.  At this level, significant impacts over large geographic areas are expected and resource support from a majority of Government Ministries is likely.  A Level 3 a full activation can be ordered by the CEO for planned events. 
Purpose of Level 3 Activation

  • To ensure the NEOC is fully staffed and ready to meet the needs of local responders.
  • Ensure necessary national resources are efficiently deployed to address impacts.
  • Maximize the level of coordination for decisions, resource support, financial management, public information between Government Ministries and Municipal Corporations.


NEOC Organisation Chart

Emergency Support Function Ministry/ Agency  Leads



Works and Transport



Airports Authority


Sea Ports

Ports Authority


Public Utilities

Public Utilities/ Telecommunications



Water and Sewage Authority



Telecommunications  Services of Trinidad and Tobago



Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission


Public Works/ Infrastructure

Works and Transport



National Security/ Fire Service


Emergency Management

National Security/ ODPM


Human Services/ Mass Care

People and Social Development


Human Services

Local Government


Resource Support



Health and Medical



Ambulance Services

Global Medical Response of Trinidad and Tobago


Search and Rescue

National Security/ Fire Service


Hazardous Materials

National Security/ Fire Service


Food and Agriculture

Food Production, Land And Marine Affairs



Energy and Energy Affairs


Public Safety/ Security Services

National Security/ Police Service



Joint Intelligence Group/MNS


Long Term Recovery and Mitigation

Housing & Environment/People and Social Development


Public Information

Information and Communication


Military Support

Defence Force


Security Support

Special Anti Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago


Border Management / Control

Immigration Division



Customs and Excise


International Relations

Foreign Affairs


NEOC Roles and Responsibilities
Personnel of NEOC are responsible for ensuring a coordinated response to Major/Critical Incidents. There are responsible for:

  • Control and coordinating activities of response agencies
  • Provide operational direction and support to Incident Managers.
  • Arrange for logistic support
  • Plan ahead to meet the requirements that will follow the Incident.
  • Supervise the direct implementation of Ministries/Agencies Operations Plan.
  • ODPM receives notification of incidents and potential incidents, assesses regional or national implications and determines need for ODPM coordination
  • ODPM operational and/or resource coordination for Incidents of National Significance

Although the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has the overall responsibility for responding to a Major/Critical Incident, a country or community effort is invariably needed if the overall effect is to be minimized. It is part of the responsibility of the NEOC staff to ensure that a coordinated effort is made to avoid fragmentation and alienation.

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