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Homeowners Survey


As a Homeowner, the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) encourages you to perform a drillat your home or residence, apartment or dwelling.


You can conduct any ONE of the following:

  1. Practice what you can do when the earthquake is happening:
    The house/apartment will be shaking a lot and items loosely stored will fall. You will not be able to stand properly.
    a. You will have to evacuate your home if it is not fit to stay in.

    Practice evacuation of your home or apartment.
    • a. You may have a relative trapped under a heavy piece of wood – what will you do, if he/she is bleeding?
    • b. If any relative has suffered an injury to the hand and is bleeding what can you do?
    • c. If a relative has suffered burns to the face due to an explosion in the house due to a gas tank falling down, what can you do?

      Practice basic first aid.
  3. When you gather outside your home- who do you contact? What will you tell them? Where is your designated shelter? Who can tell you? How will you get there? Do you expect the roads to be free to drive? Do you expect your phones to be working? How will you contact anyone of your phones are not working?

    Practice what you will do when you evacuate the home.
  4. How long is the walk to your nearest shelter? Have you visited your shelter? What do you need to take to your shelter? What are the most important things that you need to have in your disaster bag to go to the shelter? Is everyone in your home able to carry their own disaster bags?

    Practice what you will do when you go out to the shelters.

What to do after you finished your drill?

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