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CDM Policy Framework

This Comprehensive Disaster Management Policy Framework (CDMPF) embraces unequivocally the new internationally favoured approach. Accordingly The Trinidad and Tobago strategy will be comprehensive, addressing all aspects of disaster management, with a focus on risk management, through response, recovery and rehabilitation.

This CDMPF seeks to address Trinidad and Tobago’s strategic intent on disaster management and is guided by our disaster management vision, values, principles and strategic objectives. One of the guiding principles of this policy framework is the ‘whole of government’ approach which seeks to:

  • improve collaboration among the various stakeholders involved;
  • deliver policies and a programme for CDM in a coordinated manner;
  • engender cooperation among all government ministries and agencies; and
  • ultimately respond effectively to emerging threats.

This Policy Framework will, in turn, guide the implementation of a Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme that will focus the priorities, initiatives and activities involved in disaster management. The CDM Programme will provide effective risk management of all threats within Trinidad and Tobago and will be guided by the HFA and the objectives of CDEMA. It will however be customized to address the unique challenges and features of Trinidad and Tobago.


Comprehensive Disaster Management Policy Framework for Trinidad and Tobago
(Download in PDF Format)


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