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Saturday December 03, 2011 – 10: 30 a.m.

ODPM is conducting monitoring and surveillance

During the course of the evening and night, a number of areas experienced heavy showers and thundershowers. Consequently, the roofs of some homes in Carenage were blown off and there have been reports of flash flooding in some areas. In light of this, the ODPM will conduct an aerial reconnaissance in order to receive a better picture of any impacted areas so that it can effectively direct its coordination efforts.

Although the weather conditions are improving, the ODPM has liaised with the Disaster Management Units of the municipal corporations so that they can provide us with an “on the ground” assessment of their regions and any impacted areas as a result of the overnight showers. Areas that may be under threat from rising water levels in river courses will be given sandbags (which were distributed by us to all municipal corporations at the start of the hurricane season).

All first responder agencies and critical agencies remain on alert in the event that any immediate action is needed.

It is important to note also that the Mud Volcano in Piparo is being closely monitored as there have been reports of some activity. There is no immediate threat at this time but as a contingency measure, the ODPM has mandated the Disaster Management Unit of that region to prepare two shelters, in the event that immediate evacuation of residents is necessary.

The ODPM will continue to monitor the weather situation and the situation in Piparo. We ask citizens to continue to be vigilant of weather conditions.


We reiterate the following:-

  • As the Hurricane Season ends, heavy thundershowers are likely;
  • Do not walk or drive through flood waters. Stay inside until water levels have subsided;
  • Remove all valuables out of flood waters as soon as possible;
  • Ensure that any persons in wheelchairs are above water level;
  • Be cautious when driving on wet roads, along hillsides or in landslide prone areas.


We urge citizens that have been affected by flooding to contact their municipal corporation or the ODPM at 800 6376.


For further information, please contact:

Dr. Stephen Ramroop, Chief Executive Officer – 868 789 2779 

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