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Disaster Preparedness Tips - Electricity

Disaster Preparedness Tips from T&TEC

  • In the event of an earthquake, stay clear of overhead, low, burst or fallen power lines; light posts and electric signs;
  • If a power line falls on your vehicle, do not touch the doors to attempt to get out. If a power line falls on your wire fence, do not touch the fence of your gate. Call T&TEC for assistance;
  • After a hazard event, check for low, burst or sparking power lines, leaning or broken poles ad report them to T&TEC;
  • In the event of a flood, turn off electricity at the main switch and place electrical equipment on higher ground. Do not turn off electrical equipment if your hands are moist or wet or you are standing in water. Unplug appliances by pulling the plug and not yanking the cord. Do not touch live electrical equipment in wet areas. If your main switch is still on, do not stand or walk in rising flood waters that may reach your electrical outlets;
  • Minimise the risks during the hurricane season by trimming trees that are either too close to power lines or trees that may fall on power lines. Stay away from trees that are touching power lines or trees that may sway in the breeze and touch power lines. Call T&TEC Area Office for advice on safe clearance and trimming;
  • After a storm or hurricane, do not turn on electrical equipment or the main source of power to your house until a licensed wireman or electrician has checked and verified that your wiring and equipment is safe and free from flood damage. If you are without power after it’s been checked, call T&TEC;
  • Do not use electrical appliances outdoors during a storm or hurricane, as lightning associated with the storm can cause damage to appliances and even strike you;
  • During thunderstorms, hurricanes or lightning strikes, take the following precautions:-
    • While indoors, keep away from large appliances and metal pipes;
    • Do not use hand-held electrical appliances or landline telephones (except for emergencies);
    • Do not wash dishes or use pipes as some domestic water pipes can act as an electrical conductor;
    • Never attempt to touch or move low, burst of fallen power lines; they may be “live”;
    • Do not stand near poles or on tall structures or shelter under tall objects or trees.


In case of an emergency, call T&TEC’s Area Office or 800 8832 or the ODPM at 800 6376.


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