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Situation Update # 2 - Damage assessments and clean up efforts are underway


Sunday October 16, 2011 – 11:30 a.m.

Damage assessments and clean up efforts are underway

Due to heavy rainfall yesterday, flooding was experienced across Trinidad with the greatest impact in the areas of Mt Dor, Valsayn North, D’Abadie, Maloney, Piarco and Mt Lambert. The Churchill Roosevelt Highway flooded in the vicinity of the San Fernando overpass and Golden Grove Road. Landslides occurred along the North Coast Road, Arima/Blanchisseuse Road and Abbepujade Road in Carenage. Bridges collapsed at Macoya Gardens-Phase 3 and Surrey (Lopinot).

This morning, most of the flood waters have receded. However, parts of Piarco, and Bamboo are still inundated. Water levels in the main river courses have stabilised and are not critical.

In the aftermath of the flooding and landslides, the following actions have been taken thus far:

  • An aerial reconnaissance of the East-West corridor (the main affected areas) was conducted this morning. This was done with assistance from the air assets of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service;
  • The 1stEngineer Battalion of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force was recruited to respond to a senior citizens’ home in Valsayn that was flooded out;
  • The 1st Engineer Battalion of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force is also out in the affected areas, conducting damage assessments/needs analyses of impacted areas;
  • The Disaster Management Units of the municipal corporations were mandated to conduct damage assessments/needs analyses in their affected areas/regions. Once this is done, relief will be provided to the affected residents;
  • The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure is responding to the North Coast Road (fallen trees), assisting with the repair of the bridges at Macoya Gardens-Phase 3 and Surrey (Lopinot) and assisting with clear the debris from landslides which occurred on the Blanchisseuse/Arima Road; and debris from St Augustine South;
  • Other critical agencies such as the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service and the CEPEP have dispatched crews to assist with clean up efforts in the most adversely affected areas;
  • The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (TTEC) has been contacted to attend to all fallen power lines and restore power to areas that may have been affected.

The ODPM, as the lead coordinator, continues to ensure that those that have been affected receive the necessary assistance and that the affected areas return to a state of normalcy in a timely manner.

We encourage people and communities to ensure their safety by avoiding driving damaged roadways, steep hillsides, etc. In addition, we encourage communities to help

each other where possible.
As usual, the needs of the special population (very young, the elderly, the differently-abled and pregnant women) are of highest priority and are receiving our urgent attention.

The ODPM reminds all citizens that if they have been affected by this weather, they must contact their municipal corporation or the ODPM at 800 6376.

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Public Information, Education and Community Outreach Unit

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