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C.O.R.E goes to Curepe

On April 30, the ODPM launched a new community-outreach initiative called C.O.R.E which stands for Communities Organised and Ready for Emergencies. This initiative is a partnership with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community-based organisations (CBOs), the private sector and government agencies and targets the highest flood-prone/hazard-prone communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago in order to deliver education and awareness programmes that will empower and prepare residents for the upcoming rainy & hurricane seasons.

Since launching, C.O.R.E has visited Mayaro and Fyzabad. The next area to be visited is Curepe. During the Rainy/Hurricane Season of 2010, the region of Curepe was adversely affected by flooding and it is in this vain, the ODPM believes that priority must be given to this area. Members of the Disaster Management Unit of the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation, NGOs and CBOs will be participating in this community interface.


Details are hereunder:


Date:                Tuesday May 10, 2011


Time:               3:00 p.m.


Starting point:  Watts Trace, Curepe


Issued by:-

Public Information, Education and Community Outreach Unit

For further information on the starting point and C.O.R.E, please contact:-

Dike Noel, Public Information Specialist

868 640 1285 ext 14240/publicinfo. odpm@gmail. com 

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