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Heavy rains cause flash flooding in parts of East Trinidad along with riverine flooding in Central Trinidad

A number of areas in East Trinidad experienced flooding today. They were:-

  • Vega de Oropouche
  • North Oropouche
  • Sangre Grande
  • Guaico, Tamana
  • Las Lomas # 3

The Municipal Corporations of these areas were contacted to conduct an initial damage assessment following which, relief items will be distributed to those in need.

The Sangre Grande Civic Centre has been opened and will be used as a shelter to accommodate persons in this area that have been adversely affected.

Water levels – Caroni and Caparo Rivers

Additional rainfall and heavy showers throughout the day, (over the last 10 hours) have overwhelmed the capacity in a number of river courses, thus causing over spilling. As such, the Caparo River over spilled its banks causing inundation in the areas of Mamoral, Ravine Sable and Todd’s Road.

The Caroni River is presently at full bank; water levels are just below the bridge on the Uriah Butler Highway. With high tide being at 5: 34 p.m., the crest level is expected to peak at 4:00 p.m.

In light of the expected over spilling of the Caroni River, the most vulnerable areas of the Caroni Basin such as St Helena, Kelly Village and Caroni, will be affected.

In light of this, we stress the following:-

  • Secure all valuables and important documents
  • Secure pets on higher ground. If unable to, set them loose
  • Move to upper levels of your building if lower levels are threatened
  • Turn off utilities such as electricity, gas and water at the main switches
  • Park vehicles (if possible) in an area that will not be affected
  • Do not drive through flood waters. If flood waters rise around your car, abandon the car and move to higher ground once it is safe to do so
  • Stay indoors (if already there).

All first responder agencies such as the TT Fire Service, TT Defence Force and the municipal corporations are in the process of rendering assistance to areas that have experienced heavy inundation. The ODPM reminds all citizens that if they have been adversely affected, they must contact their municipal corporation or 800 6376.

Forecast (Evening into Night)

The TT Meteorological Service has advised that rainfall activity is expected to continue during the course of the afternoon into the night, decreasing in intensity over the course of time. There is also the chance that an isolated thundershower coupled with gusty winds can occur over this period.

Trinidad and Tobago is NOT currently under any Tropical Storm threat, Watch or Warning. The TT Meteorological Services is monitoring this weather condition and will advise the ODPM if there is a drastic change.


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