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Trinidad and Tobago still under Tropical Storm Warning


Trinidad and Tobago still under Tropical Storm Warning

Trinidad and Tobago is still under a Tropical Storm Warning at this time.

In its most recent bulletin, the TT Meteorological Services indicated that Tropical Storm Tomas is moving in a west north-westerly direction at this time. It is at present located south of Barbados. Although Tobago and Grenada remain actively in the storm environment, feeder band activity still poses a threat for Trinidad.

In light of the foregoing, the ODPM underscores that citizens must still be vigilant and cautious at this time. There is still the possibility that we will experience heavy showers and thundershowers coupled with gusty winds. Street/flash flooding may occur in areas that experience heavy downpour and small river courses may be easily inundated. Landslides are also likely in areas so prone.

All first responder agencies (TT Fire Service, TT Police Service, TT Defence Force, Municipal Corporations, CEPEP) remain on alert so that immediate assistance may be rendered to areas that may experience heavy downpour and inundation. The Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society and other regional agencies are also still on standby to render additional assistance if required.

Citizens should still follow the necessary safety tips:-

  • Continue to listen to the weather bulletins; remain calm, alert and vigilant.
  • Check your home:
    • Clean gutters, downspouts and drains
    • Remove items around the yard that could be picked up by strong winds such as galvanized metal sheets or pieces of wood
    • Check trees in the yard and trim loose or dying branches
    • Elevate all valuables to higher levels where necessary.
  • It’s a good habit to always have all your emergency supplies accessible (medical / First Aid supplies, working flashlight, radio, batteries and bottled water)N.B. Important documents must be protected in a sealed plastic bag
  • If intense rainfall occurs and there is flooding, do not walk or drive through flood waters. Stay inside until water levels have subsided.
  • Be cautious when driving along hillsides or landslide prone areas.

The ODPM reminds all citizens that if they have been affected by this inclement weather, they must contact their municipal corporation or 800 6376.

The TT Meteorological Services is still monitoring this weather condition and will advise the ODPM and the national community if there is a drastic change. Citizens are reminded to continue to monitor the media, follow us on Facebook (ODPMTT) or Twitter (ODPM_TT) for more information.

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