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What is Mitigation 

Mitigation  is the lessening or limitation of the adverse impacts of hazards and related disasters. The adverse impacts of hazards often cannot be prevented fully, but their scale or severity can be substantially lessened by various strategies and actions. Mitigation measures encompass engineering techniques and hazard-resistant construction as well as improved environmental policies and public awareness. (It should be noted that in climate change policy, “mitigation” is defined differently, being the term used for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that are the source of climate change.)

The above definition was taken from the United Nations (UN) International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) Terminology on Disaster Risk Reduction. Follow the link to look up other terminologies.

Addressing Mitigation

This website addresses mitigation by discussing the following topics:

  1. Vulnerability and Risk
  2. Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
  3. Disaster Risk Reduction
  4. Mitigation Initiatives

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