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ODPM hosts Multi-Stakeholder Tsunami Readiness Meeting

In commemoration of World Tsunami Awareness Day, which is recognised annually on November 5th, the ODPM hosted a Multi-Stakeholder Tsunami Readiness Meeting.
This meeting focused on the national dissemination protocol for tsunami warning alerts, along with guidelines for advancing agency-specific standard operating procedures for tsunami response. This engagement was supported by the Deputy Director of the International Tsunami Information Center (ITIC) Manager, Caribbean Office (ITIC-CAR) Mrs. Christa G. von Hillebrandt-Andrade.
The meeting’s participants included representatives from the following entities:
1. Ministry of Social Development and Family Services
2. Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
3. Ministry of Works and Transport
4. Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries
5. International Tsunami Information Centre (ITIC –CAR)
6. Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
7. Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission
8. Tobago Emergency Management Agency
9. Trinidad and Tobago Emergency Mutual Aid Scheme
10. Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force
11. Lifeguard Services Division
12. Heritage Petroleum Company Ltd.
13. Customs and Excise
14. Water and Sewerage Authority
15. Global Medical Response of Trinidad and Tobago


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