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Happy International Volunteer Day

To you our most valued supporters,

Today the ODPM would like to thank you for your acts of service to others as we commemorate International Volunteer Day 2016.Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. It is a known fact that if we stand alone we can do so little but, if we stand together we can achieve so much greater.


Coming from different backgrounds, with different life experiences we are united by our common willingness to give our time to help others. We are humbled by your generosity of spirit and your compassion for your fellow human beings. Thank you for your commitment to making a positive difference in our communities and national in times of emergencies. Thank you for your constant commitment and your participation in our national drills, various outreach sessions, CORE workshops and community walkouts, first aid training, and all that is yet to come.


We acknowledge that limitations within our organization has continued to interrupt our plans temporarily, but we can assure you that we will continue to press forward with determination and tenacity in these turbulent times.

For IVD 2016 we join the United Nations in recognizing the individuals who are engaged in providing an invaluable service to countless communities around the globe to change the world for a better future. As such we would like to express our appreciation by giving a small token for those who have actively and consistently participated throughout the year.

"You are one of our greatest resources and although your voluntary engagement might sometimes go unnoticed to the world, your actions count in the communities that have benefited from your hard work, and they certainly count to us".

To all our ODPM Volunteers. Thank you for your constant commitment to making a positive difference in the communities of Trinidad and Tobago in times of emergencies.


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