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Sandbags Tips

Sandbags can be your best friends if you live in an area which is prone to flooding or in recent times has experienced same. Here are some guideline you can follow to help mitigate a potential hazard to your home and keep loved ones safe and dry.

1)      Prepare sandbags and pre-fill bags with sand before adverse weather is announced

2)      Place bags close to entrance ways and consider all entry points where water normally enters, not just doorways but areas such as airbricks and utility service points.

3)      Sandbags are of no use if your property is already flooded, in this scenario you should concentrate all efforts on protecting yourself and your belongings.

4)      You will need at least six sandbags to keep out 20cm of water for a standard door opening.

5)      Each sandbag needs approximately 15kg of sand.

6)      Inflatable sandbags are not appropriate bags for building a sand wall they can be washed away.

7)      Instead, you can pre-position inflatable sandbags under doorways and entrances that are first affected by rising flood waters


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