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ODPM Exercise Turbulence 2016 - July 20th 2016

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) in collaboration with local/regional and international response agencies will conduct its "Exercise Turbulence 2016", on July 20th, 2016. The aim of Exercise Turbulence 2016 is to test the preparedness of the country's National Response Framework when impacted by the natural hazards to which the nation is most vulnerable. The ODPM must be optimally prepared at all times for a knowledge-based execution of its mandate to ensure the effective and efficient response to catastrophic incidents as we are charged with the overall national responsibility for our country's commitment to Disaster Risk reduction. It is equally important that all stakeholders are prepared and ready in their respective domains to ensure a holistic, comprehensive approach in their responses to emergencies and disasters.

These types of exercises are opportunities to practice, assess and improve emergency response times and on-the-ground operations while engaging stakeholders and refreshing the concepts and skills learned in training. Overall, "Exercise Turbulence 2016" intends to build resilience by enhancing the disaster management capabilities of first responders and civil society to ensure that the nation is prepared for a disaster. Therefore, as a Ministry, Statutory Body, Public Sector Agency of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Non-Governmental Organization, Faith or Community Based Organization or Private Home owner, the Office of disaster preparedness and Management would like to encourage your participation in this National Exercise. Participants are asked to self-evaluate your respective entities, using the evaluation booklet provided. Additional booklets can be used as guides to drill your institution, if you are interested in successfully participating in this exercise you need to fill the completion form and return to the ODPM, along with the survey at the end of the respective drill booklet which applies to your agency, home, business or institution etc. You can win an emergency relief/preparedness item once the completion form is submitted. Please note only the first 500 participants will receive a prize so be one of the first to complete the form...GOOD LUCK!

Exercise Evaluation PDF

Diplomatic Mission Handbook

Energy Industry Handbook

Government Agency Handbook

Homeowners Handbook

Hospital Handbook

Private Sector Handbook

Schools Handbook

Your institution can participate by the following methods:

1)      Table Top – A discussion based exercise utilizing a specific scenario and evaluating organization plans and procedures in response to the scenario. Players in the exercise are given roles associated to their responsibilities as safety/emergency managers and verbally respond to their supervisor stating what actions they will take if the incident realistically took place.

2)      Simulation – simulating the actual occurrence of an identified hazard e.g. earthquake and responding based on developed plans and procedures.

3)      Evacuation – a functional (physical) response to a known hazard i.e. threat of fire in keeping with plans and policies for safely exiting/evacuating the building. 

Full Scale Exercise – conducting a functional exercise in which segments of an emergency plan is drilled and evaluated in keeping with agencies plans and procedures, as well as supported by other first responder agencies.


Please note that the National Exercise Day referred to in the Exercise Evacuation Plan PDF refers to the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management's annual National exercise day usually held in March of each year. Therefore some of the dates and instructions specific to the Caribewave Exercise in March 2016 are applicable to the "Exercise Turbulence 2016". The booklet can be utilized as a general guide for your participation and self-evaluation. Thus, any requests for the ODPM in organisational drills will not be facilitated on or before the 31st July 2016. However, a formal/written request can be sent for future drills or exercises

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