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ODPM Hosts Media Seminar and Launches Hurricane Preparedness eGuide


Thursday 07th June, 2018

 ODPM Hosts Media Seminar and Launches Hurricane Preparedness eGuide


On Wednesday 06th June 2018, the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) hosted a Media Seminar, themed “Strengthening the Role of Media inDisaster Risk Management” at the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC), Mausica.

Media practitioners from various media houses were in attendance to learn about the role and responsibilities of various Disaster Risk Management agencies and obtained a preview of the Hurricane Preparedness eGuide.

Captain (Retired) Neville Wint, Relief Officer/Officer in Charge of the ODPM facilitated training on the National Response Framework for Trinidad and Tobago. This framework directly guides the operations of the ODPM and other Disaster Risk Management agencies.  

Ms Carol Charles, Acting Coordinator for the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation Disaster Management Unit presented on the role of the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government. Mr Allan Stewart, Director of the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) joined the discussion via Skype. Mr Stewart presented on TEMA’s approach to Disaster Risk Management and initiatives for the Hurricane/Rainy Season.

At the media seminar, the ODPM officially launched its Hurricane Preparedness eGuide 2018.  The eGuide aims to support preparedness and mitigation activities across Trinidad and Tobago. It outlines the various actions persons should perform to be prepared before, during and after a Hurricane.

The ODPM encourages all citizens to establish a written Hurricane Plan, to build an emergency kit and to engage in sandbagging if you reside in a flood-prone area. Captain (Retired) Neville Wint, Relief Officer/Officer in Charge of the ODPM also reminds the public to:

 “Avoid being caught unprepared in the days leading up to a tropical storm/hurricane and waiting in long lines at building supply stores, grocery stores, and other retailers. All citizens should take advantage of calmer times to stock up on your supplies. Make sure you have at least a three-day supply of food, water and other essentials for every member of your household. Remember, you don’t need to buy water. You can refill empty containers with tap water. The key is to plan ahead!

Plan for all family members including the differently abled, elderly and infants and of course your pets.

The ability to prepare for, respond to and quickly recover from a tropical storm or hurricane requires every citizen, business and agency in Trinidad and Tobago to focus on advanced planning.”

Each year as the Hurricane Season commence, we all hope for the best. We hope that the inevitable tropical disturbances never develop into storms. We also hope storms never develop into major hurricanes and if they do, we hope they never make landfall. However, as we learned from Tropical Storm Bret, Hurricane Irma and Maria in 2017, hope is not a plan. While Trinidad and Tobago was speared a major Hurricane last year, Tropical Storm Bret and inclement weather in October and December affected numerous communities across Trinidad and Tobago. Thus, every citizen, young and old must take the necessary action to be prepared and stay prepared.

It is your responsibility to be prepared during the Hurricane Season. You are responsible for planning to protect yourself, family, your staff, and facilities. The best defence against a hurricane is being prepared.

The ODPM’s Hurricane Preparedness eGuide is an excellent start in getting prepared for the 2018 Hurricane/Rainy Season.  The eGuide offers valuable information to assist individuals and organisations to gain essential hurricane preparedness awareness and develop individual and family plans. It explains what actions should be performed to prepare your property, how to prepare for evacuation and key emergency contact numbers. If you do not prepare and do not follow warnings and advisories when issued, you will not only be risking your life and the lives of those you love but you can also be putting the lives of others at risk.

The eGuide can be accessed by visiting

Citizens are also reminded to stay informed throughout the 2018 Hurricane/Rainy Season. Be sure to monitor the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Services, the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) and the ODPM websites and social media pages to obtain the most accurate real-time information before, during and after a storm.

For daily weather forecasts visit the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Services website at

Please visit our website at or follow ODPM on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for other preparedness guidance and disaster risk reduction information.

The ODPM trusts that all citizens will find the ODPM’s Hurricane Preparedness eGuide useful.

Remember – Let’s Get Ready and Stay Ready!


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